Want to See your website on the top of Google’s search results for highly valuable key words? Having an online presence can and will generate more leads & sales for your small business. Review our Digital Marketing Services Packages to see what Digital Marketing Services will be delivered to you! Digital Marketing Services is highly effective and can bring companies a lot of value in brand awareness, public relations, and profitability. Below is a clients keyword ranking report for you to see what kind of results your website can get (keywords blacked out for protection).

digital marketing services

*Please note that these rankings didn’t happen over night!

Already have a website but don’t know how to drive traffic to it? Digital Marketing Services will maximize the ROI of your website and drive visitors to your online store! Here is are some of the key benefits Digital Marketing Services will do for your website and business.


  1. Increase website traffic and search engine rankings
  2. Increase brand awareness and online reputation
  3. Increase online sales or generate leads for services
  4. Optimizes the architecture and code of your website
  5. Analyze traffic data and see where your customers are from, how they found your website, average time spent on the website and more.


What Does Get Services Genie Do?

As a Digital Marketing Services company we optimize the On-page Meta data on your website which tells search engines what each individual page is about and a short summary of the content. Another search engine optimization factor is to make sure the sites architecture is not obsolete or has deprecated code that makes your website load slower. Some of the other main SEO factors for On-page optimization are creating a sitemap and properly interlinking your site to make it easier for search engines and users to find pages.  Then the Off-page factors include keyword research, competitor research, linkbuilding, Analytics & Webmaster tools installation, as well as claiming and listing your Google Places page.

digital marketing services

Social Media Marketing:

Social Networking is important for any type of business and we are here to help you build your online presence through proper social media marketing. having a successful social network marketing campaign can be achieved regardless of the industry you are in. If you are in an industry that attracts enthusiasts like auto performance, sports, or if it’s hobby related, then your industry already has a lot of social networking interest. You just need the right person with knowledge of your subject and the ability to interact with people to manage and moderate your social networking.

If you are in an industry where there is not a lot of social interest, perhaps a storage company, an online retailer, or an appliance company, then creativity is key. For example, if you are an online retailer of razor blades, have people share pictures of their mustaches or beards, have contests and keep it light. Our social media marketing service will help you stay in front of the people that want to see your services or products and will intern give you more sales and lead generation.

Mobile Marketing:

People search differently when they are on their mobile device. They are much less specific and usually need an answer fast. On a desktop, people are more likely to search “Best Chinese Restaurant Near Me”, whereas if you are on a mobile device, you are likely to just search “Chinese Restaurant”. As a mobile device advertiser, do the keyword research to find the phrases being searched on mobile devices for your product or service. The first thing the searcher needs to see is a call to action. In this example, you want the searcher to be able to call your restaurant immediately without them having to fumble through lots of content. We are here to help you get found with our cutting edge mobile app service.

Video Marketing:

Marketing your videos online is best when they complement or support your online content. A great example of utilizing video marketing that can be translated to many industries, are online tutorials. Guitar learning as an example. You can have a channel on YouTube devoted to short lessons and some instruction on how to play specific songs. The descriptions of the videos will contain links to your website where your premium or paid content or services reside.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Keep up with algorithmic changes, be informative, and do not spam, is the foundation to a successful SEO campaign.The ever changing landscape of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is in itself a time consuming task to keep up with. From continual algorithmic changes like Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin, and iterations in between, it takes people like us at Seo Expert Management who find SEO to be fascinating to keep up with it all.

We are happy to see the search landscape lean in favor towards great content and user experience vs spam and other black hat techniques. At Seo Expert Management, our commitment has always been to supply the search engines with great content without any techniques that could potentially hurt a website.

Digital Marketing Company

Our goal is to make your brand known and to help get you found online by the consumers looking for your products and services right now. With our unique search engine optimization strategy we will help you generate more leads and help you get found online with proper online marketing techniques and search engine optimization.

Contact our team today and let us help get your business found online. You will see the difference with our online marketing service and knowledge to help you get found in the digital marketing world.

Online Press Release:

One of our newest SEO services is submitting a press release online through the most popular distributor PR Web. Press Releases are an integral part of our internet marketing strategy for our clients because of two main reasons. The first reason is for SEO purposes, ever since the most recent algorithm update, search engines place a huge importance on quality of links pointing to your website. What this means is how many authority or trusted websites hyperlink to your website? Chances are not that many. What SoCal Digital Marketing will do for you is generate a high quality link every month from PR Web which will increase the overall Page Authority (trust) of your website.

The second goal of the press release is to generate an online buzz about your website, promotion, community event, sponsorship or whatever the story may be. Many media analysts and distributors have opted in to PR Webs category specific releases and they are looking for content to share with the world. One of the Press Releases for our client was picked up by an Emmy host and invited to a promotional after party. Also, their sales nearly doubled the week the press release was distributed.

Local SEO & Internet Marketing:

Location based internet marketing and search engine optimization is focusing on targeting keywords based on a geographic location such as Digital Marketing Services Company. Small businesses or brand new websites can still generate high quality targeted traffic by utilizing a localized internet marketing strategy. Mobile smart phone users are becoming more and more popular for purchasing products, looking at reviews, comparing prices in store, and finding businesses on the go. When your website ranks on the first page for your products/services such as Digital Marketing Services company or Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency it will drive customers and leads that are highly interested in purchasing your product or services.


  1. The most common mobile shopping activity is researching products and comparing prices, which 15% of all mobile phone owners do every month
  2. 20% of Google searches are for local information.
  3. 48% of mobile phone users made a purchase via there mobile phone.
  4. In 2015, customers are expected to spend approximately $129 Billion on goods and services purchased via mobile phones.


Try searching for your companies name in Google with a local prefix and see if your website shows in the search results. If not that’s what Get Services Genie is here for, so that your website can move up the search results for keywords such as “Digital Marketing Services your company here” and beat out your online competitors.

Are you listed on Google Places?

Google Places is a local listing service that automatically gathers information from the internet and generates small business listings with a geographic location and category. Google Places listings are integrated into the search results approximately 20% of the time based on your location and keywords used. Google Places also provides directions to your business which is highly effective when mobile users are on the go and looking for your product or services. It is very important to claim your listing because you can optimize it with additional categories, positive reviews, pictures of your company or products, website address and social media! To learn more about search engine optimization view page.

digital marketing services

Online Reputation Management Services:

Ever wondered What appears when you search your company’s name on the search engines? If you are not taking steps to control your online reputation, you are at risk of losing potential business. Negative listings, whether true or false, affect your credibility and therefore affect your company and the ability to generate income. SEO Expert Management is here to help you manage your online reputation and provide you with our top of the line online reputation management services for your company. Stay credible and stay noticed in the light and have our team help build your brand name right.

If your business is being attacked on consumer review sites by competitors and ex-employees and the consumer with a vendetta and plenty of free time. SEO Expert Management is here to help you get these negative marks off of the internet and help build your companies credibility and reviews to a good state for potential customers to see. If you are not taking action to counteract these negative listings, they will begin to rank higher in the rankings – and permanently. This will hurt your company and the business that you have built. Do not let this happen to you, we can help keep your companies name right and help your reputation stay clean in the online market.

You must act now. We will use many avenues to help your online reputation and we will manage it properly for you using avenues such as, social media assets, blogs, press releases, syndicated articles, and link building. Your online reputation matters and we will function as an online PR campaign. Your branding will be at the top during the creation of these assets and the credible, high-quality content contained.

Get Services Genie has been ranked as a top online reputation management company for years, and our premium services, protected by a permanent confidentiality agreement, are used by businesses of all sizes. The rankings algorithm used by Google and the other major search engines evolve every day. Techniques used in the past no longer work. We use sophisticated, white-hat best practices that are all in accordance with Google policy. When it comes to protecting your online reputation, we will be advocates working tirelessly on your behalf to help keep your name online in a good standing with our online reputation management services.


Experienced SEO Professional:

We have Knowledge in HTML code, Java Script, CSS & website design Experience in E-commerce, Custom website development services and website seo experts. We are Committed towards Result Oriented SEO services as a top Digital Marketing Services company. We provide the Latest SEO Tools & Techniques of online marketing used for a 100% ethical approach, delivering natural search engine front page rankings for all of our clients in any industry.

Great Ranking Results In Any Industry:

With us you can rest assured the work we do to get you ranking on the first page is the top in the industry, we will formulate and implement SEO strategies as per your industry requirements. Our online marketing team will not only monitor the entire campaign, but also ensure that it reaches to its optimum potential.

Search engine optimization is the key to optimizing your online presence & gaining more exposure for your website. SEO Expert Management in Get Services Genie can help you with your SEO needs as Our online marketing services generate more leads and help increase your exposure & visibility through our marketing services. Quickly become relevant to all major search engines using the best fitting SEO approach in your industry. Our SEO services will help you generate more leads and online exposure in your market. SEO Expert Management can help you gain the exposure and help you with all of your online marketing needs for your business.